Taming the Garmin Etrex 20/30:

Map Setup (setup part 3) and some other page setups
Basic Setup (part 1) - System, Tones, Display and Tracks.
Basic Setup (part 2) - Position Format, Heading, Altimeter, Fitness, Routing and Profiles.
Map Setup (part 3) - and some other Page Setups.

These notes and screenshots show a basic cyclists' setup for an Etrex 30 (and 20).
This is page 3 - follow this link for Etrex 20 & 30, Basic Setup (part 1)
The idea with most of this stuff is to SET IT, then FORGET IT.


  All screenshots are Etrex 30

Although the Map Setup is available from the 1st page of the Setup Menu (see left), it is also available more directly by a single-click of the left or Menu key while viewing the Map page (see right).

Other pages, such as the Satellite, Compass and Trip Computer pages also have setup otions which can only be reached via the Menu key, and certain setup features (notably Data fields) are common to all, so Page Setups are grouped here on this page.

Below left is the 1st Map Setup page.
I like Track Up, but if you are used to cycling with a paper map on the handlebars you may prefer North Up. North Up is also useful when stationary (especially on the E20 which has no compass to stabilise the stationary map) and when planning.
If you find yourself switching between the two modes a lot, it's a good idea to set them up as separate Profiles.
The 3rd option here is a satnav-style perspective view, which is a variation on Track Up.

On the older Etrex I had Guidance Text turned off. On the E30 it seems more useful and well worth the screen space it uses.
Data Fields - on such a small screen there isn't really room for more than 2. Obviously you select your favourite 2 from a choice of around 50 - I'll come back to Data Fields later, because they apply to a lot of different pages.

In Advanced Map Setup (right) I'd switch Auto Zoom off and set Detail to More or maybe Most.
The Shaded Relief really is awful, in the UK anyway (maybe it's better in the Alps?). I switch it off although the default 'Auto' setting is OK too. (Auto switches the effect off for clarity at zoom levels below a few km)

  Your colourway may vary!

These two submenus, Zoom Levels (left) and Text Size (right) are all about keeping the map decluttered.

Zoom levels set the maximum zoom at which an item is displayed on the map. Choices here are very much personal taste.
I find it's not practical to stray above 300m, everything just gets too messy. In towns, I think it helps to have Map Points set to an even lower level because the map gets very cluttered with cafes and shops.

Text sizes - I just set them as here (right) but you might consider setting User Waypoints to Medium, or Map Points to None.



Francis Cooke

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