Living with a Garmin:

Create a Route on the GPS

Normally you would use your PC to create a Route, and then upload it to your GPS.
Sometimes though, you might want to just create a quick route on the Garmin ...


This shows the procedure on an Etrex C-type.
(Screenshots are actually an Etrex Legend Cx).

Step 1. Go into the Routes menu and select New.

First we need to give it a short name so on the next screen move the highlight up to the top and front-click to open the text-entry dialog.

Keep it short - two letters is probably enough!
A tip - if you start the name with a space, this will sort it to the top of your list, which can be useful.

Finish the naming by moving the cursor to OK.

If you choose Select Next Point it will take you to the Find page where you can select any Waypoint or any other POI (point of interest) such as a railway station.
I think it's easier to just point to places on the map, which is what we're going to do next, by choosing the Map option (right).

Scroll and zoom the map to find your start point.
You can 'hover' the pointer and it will pop-up the map location, as illustrated left. Just front-click to mark this and then move on to your next location.


You can see (left) a dotted line indicates that a Route is being constructed. Make sure you hover and see a map location (in this case, a named road) before front-clicking. (The popup will also form the basis for the Waypoint name.)
After clicking you'll see the Route so far, picked out in Magenta.

You'll probably end up using a Route constructed in this way, in Follow Road mode, because this uses far fewer points. This mode works best if the intermediate points are not placed on junctions. Likewise, when going through towns and villages, just plonk a point on the road out you want to take, and let the autorouting do its stuff (right).

Finish the Route at any time just by exiting with the Page/Quit key (top right).

You can navigate it straight away, or find it later in your Routes list.

You can also review, delete and/or insert points, as you can with any other saved Route.

Francis Cooke

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