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     photos thanks to: Marcel Gutschner     
Colle Bourget is the second pass on the Assietta ridge route from Sestriere side between Colle Basset and Colle Cotte Plane. Colle Bourget is named - colle - because it is where the route crosses the ridge, from either side it is not really a ride up - so rather far from what one would define a 'real' pass.

The gravel road from Colle Basset is good to ride and softly descends for 3 kilometres towards Colle Cotte Plane. Special attention should be paid to what track to take at the first junction coming from Colle Basset: it is difficult to guess the main track (the only place like that on the whole route) - stay on the south-eastern side.

With thanks to Marcel Gutschner for all photos and text on this and related pages.