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     photos thanks to: Marcel Gutschner     
Colle Basset is the first pass on the Assietta ridge route from Sestriere side.

The gravel road climbs up on 7 kilometres at variable but never too tough gradients from the noisy tourist resort Sestriere (which is on top of the Colle del Sestriere, 2035 m.a.s.l.) up to Collet Basset. The route from Basset gently descends for 3 Colle Bourget. The road is rideable despite of the many rocks and deteriorated surface especially in curves (motobikes).

Colle Basset allows for fine views of which the most interesting is the one in driving direction (north-east) along the ridge.

The landscape is basically nice but intense winter tourism shows its impact also in summer, especially on the Sestriere side. A telpher carrier often comes across and cyclists will meet it last time on Colle Basset. The rest of the ridge road does not show any of these infrastructures.

With thanks to Marcel Gutschner for all photos and text on this and related pages.