Grimsel Pass - 2165 metres
     photos by: Francis     
It's a very big climb from the north, only a short climb, but dramatic as these two pictures show, from Gletsch in the south.

The title page, taken from the Furka Pass, shows Grimsel to the right, Furka to the left and foreground, with the embryo River Rhone running in between. They converge and meet at Gletsch.
The 2nd picture on this page is the reverse of that view - Furka Pass in the background to the right, Grimsel in the foreground, the Rhone Glacier between the two in the middle of the picture.

The north side near the summit is also very dramatic, with the summit lake still mostly ice when we crossed in early July.

The Panoramastrasse Oberaar
is a narrow road leaving the summit and climbing further into the mountains giving closer views of the nearby glaciers.