Grand Canyon du Verdon South, Col d'Illoire
     photos by: Francis     
WHAT can we say?

The southern route along this gorge is, in parts, probably the most spectacular road we have ever cycled along.

This route is called the 'Corniche Sublime'. Here (and on the Title Page) its at the Cirque de Vaumale, 1201m, over 700m above the river, and the best viewpoint of all.
The Col is at one end of this Cirque, at a height of 967m - actually only just out of shot at the top left of the picture.

The road you can see to the right is on the north side, also a very fine road, making a superb circuit which is best cycled anti-clockwise.

The second picture shows the section called Tunnels de Fayet, the other very good high viewpoint on this road.
In between these two views though, is a long uninteresting section of road, a tough and boring climb if travelling east to west.