Grand Canyon du Verdon Route des Cretes
     photo by: Sheila     
     photo by: Francis     
The photos of this road were taken in early April - those on the main North and South routes, and at river level, were all taken around the end of June.

This road is a 22km circuit which branches off the main Northern road, near the middle at the village of La Palud.
Parts of it are 1-way - you should ride this small section clockwise (though we think a full circuit of the main N and S roads is best done anti-clockwise) - parts of the road have no barrier at all and a sheer drop of several hundred metres, though it is never a narrow road (see lower picture). It climbs to 1238m, over 400m higher than the point where it leaves the main North road and slighly higher than even the South road, then, etched into the cliff face, drops to 829m. In total the extra climbing is about 500m.

It offers a succession of excellent viewpoints - you usually need to dismount to see the best views, though you don't have to leave the roadside.