About this Website
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This simple website contains nothing but an indexed collection of small photographs. There is nothing else.

It makes heavy use of Javascript and CSS, because I use this site partly as a development tool to explore cross-browser issues using these techniques -
so if you have either of these features turned off or your browser is unusual in the way it uses these features, I'm sorry, this website won't work for you.

About the plants:
With very few exceptions, these fuchsias were grown from rooted cuttings.
The plant pictured above - Mutant - is certainly one of the most unusual here.
Some of the older photos show varieties that probably no longer exist such as Bora Bora, while some of the newer photos show varieties that undoubtedly will be here today, and gone tomorrow, like Trudi Davro maybe.
There are of course some enduring classics as well. Such as Frau Hilde Rademacher

About the photos:
They are a mixture of film and digital photos, spanning several years.
In most cases its obvious to a trained eye, which are film and which are digital - compare La Fiesta and Coachman - however there are quite a few where I, for one, would guess wrong if I didn't know the answer - try Peggy.

I shot the film ones over a period from about 1981 to 1986, using a Contax 139 SLR camera, and Kodachrome film.
The Kodachromes were digitally scanned around 20 years later using an Acer Scanwit negative scanner.
The digital photos have been taken since I returned to this theme, in 2002, using a Nikon Coolpix 885. More recent pictures were taken with a Nikon Coolpix 4500, and the latest ones with a Canon Powershot Pro1.
More varieties are still being added - I just have to wait for them to come into flower.

To see the most successful pictures (well I think so anyway), use the links highlighted in a yellowish colour - my favourite, try Barrys Queen.
I hope you enjoy them.

   Francis Cooke