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Corsica is an island off the south coast of France, which packs a tremendous variety of magnificent scenery into a small area. It is a paradise for cyclists and walkers.

From hot Mediterranean beaches clustered with cacti, through solemn pine forests, to rugged mountain passes surrounded by snowcapped peaks. There may not be the drama of some of the highest Alpine roads, but on the winding roads of Corsica, every corner presents a new scene.

The best roads of all are the coast roads, whilst inland there is a dense lacework of remote rural passes. They may not be high, but most of them are approached from sea level, so even a lowly sub-1000m pass can be quite challenging, although the gradients are always gentle.

Language and currency are French, but there is also a strong Italian influence.

Corsica has three international airports and can also be reached by ferry from Nice or Marseilles.

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